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Marine Disease Outbreaks Workshop and Strategic Action Planning

Why we are gathering

Marine disease outbreaks and other mass mortalities are on the rise due to climate change and other human activities. The sea star wasting syndrome (SSWS) event that devastated sea stars on the U.S. West Coast made it clear that a coordinated network is necessary to rapidly respond to disease outbreaks in the sea. We invite scientists, agencies, NGOs, aquaculture specialists, disease experts, conservationists, the public, and other stakeholders to join us. 

Workshop goals

1) Coordinate a network that can be mobilized if and when the next marine disease outbreak occurs.

2) Outline a contingency plan to document, research and hopefully mitigate marine disease outbreaks and mass mortalities.

3) Invite stakeholder input on the Strategic Action Plan to address research and management priorities for sea star wasting syndrome.

Join us

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP and complete our questionnaire before Friday Oct 5th. If you are interested but cannot attend, please contribute your input. Please extend this invitation to your colleagues working on any aspect of wildlife disease or recovery. There is no cost to attend.

Other Upcoming Events

Members of the SSWD Task Force will be attending the 2018 Fish and Wildlife Health Forum from November 13-16 in Reston, Viriginia to discuss the challenges of researching and managing marine diseases using sea star wasting syndrom as a case study