Kirsten Grorud-Colvert

Director - Science of Marine Reserves
Convening Lead Author
Oregon State University

As the director of the Science of Marine Reserves (SMR) Project, Dr. Kirsten Grorud-Colvert is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the PISCO educational tools that communicate the science of fully protected, no-take marine reserves to diverse national and international audiences. This scientific information forms the basis for a number of resources, including the most recent versions of The Science of Marine Reserves booklets and the geospatial reserve data viewed in the MPA Layer of Ocean in Google Earth. With a background in field research, Kirsten actively works to bridge the gap between scientific findings, policy implementation, and public understanding of marine reserves as a conservation tool, both in the US and internationally. She is involved in both research studies and syntheses of the effects of marine reserves, which have led to peer-reviewed publications and outreach materials aimed at diverse audiences.