Satie Airamé

Convening Lead Author
University of California - Santa Barbara

Dr. Satie Airamé is a founding co-author of The Science of Marine Reserves booklet series and served as a production advisor on many booklet versions. Satie works with policy makers, managers, and the public to listen, learn, and share information to support science-based policy and management. The primary avenues for communication are public meetings, workshops, booklets and brochures, popular articles, web-based resources, and video. She served as the policy coordinator for PISCO from 2002-2010, where she tracked policy issues and worked with PISCO scientists to provide relevant information to policy makers and managers, identify information gaps, and adapt or augment PISCO’s research to address management priorities. She currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Academic Programs for the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara where she develops strategies for integrating science, economics, policy, law, and management through interdisciplinary graduate training.