Coastal Connections is an annual booklet series highlighting our research projects in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem. There are six volumes from years 2002-2007.

Many organizations use the scientific content and graphics for outreach and education. To receive a print copy of PISCO Coastal Connections or to request specific images for your organization's use, contact us.

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Volume six, 2007

Articles on topics of:

  • Kelp forest patterns
  • Kelp Bass and California Sheaphead
  • Red Abalone
  • Shifts in food web dynamics
  • Predicting fish dispersal
  • The "Dead Zone"
  • Poleward flows in S. California
  • Invasive mussels along the US West Coast
  • Effects of a warming ocean
  • Student training
  • Outreach and engagement activities

Volume five, 2006

Articles on topics of:

  • Hotspots for reproduction and conservation
  • Rockfish population ecology
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Oceanographic research network detecting ocean anomalies
  • Larval dispersal
  • Long-term changes in kelp forests
  • Impacts of regional oceanography on ecological patterns
  • Student training
  • Outreach and engagement activities

Volume four, 2005

Articles on topics of:

  • Physiological responses to ocean warming
  • Population replenishment of reef fish
  • Spread of withering disease in abalone
  • Return of the "Dead Zone"
  • Fertilization of kelp beds
  • Thin layers in the ocean
  • Rockfish population connectivity
  • Nutrients and seaweed diversity
  • Student training
  • Outreach and engagement activities

Volume three, 2004

Articles on topics of:

  • Surveying biodiversity from Mexico to Alaska
  • Predation by sea stars
  • Dramatic local changes in kelp forests
  • "Baby booms" on the Pacific Northwest's rocky shores
  • Population replenishment and tidal ranges
  • Nutrient-rich coastal waters
  • Technology to study thin layers in the ocean
  • Mapping genetic patterns
  • Linking ecology and physiology
  • Fish movement studies
  • Student training
  • Outreach and engagement activities

Volume two, 2003

Articles on topics of:

  • Biogeography of marine species
  • Keystone predators
  • Mapping the rocky shore species
  • Dynamics of kelp forests
  • Pacific decadal oscillation
  • Upwelling and population replenishment
  • Oxygen-poor ocean water
  • Tracking dispersal of young animals
  • Insights from genetics
  • Student training
  • Outreach and engagement activities

Volume one, 2002

Articles on topics of:

  • Geographic ranges of marine species
  • El Niño and La Niña impacts on fish
  • The PISCO approach
  • Technology and research vessels
  • Ocean eddies and fish
  • Larval dispersal
  • Modeling and genetics applied to population connectivity
  • Student training
  • Outreach and engagement activities