Training and Mentoring

image of divers from Caselle lab

Undergraduate, graduate, post-graduates, and professionals involved in our programs receive training in interdisciplinary research and monitoring, experience with management, policy, and science communication, and career development. Our alumni continue to successfully work in academia, government, non-profit organizations, and industry. PISCO investigators teach courses on interdisciplinary topics, and we organize trainings with different organizations for monitoring the rocky intertidal and kelp forests. 


Each year in California and Oregon, we partner with other organizations to offer trainings on kelp forest and intertidal monitoring methods.  Our major partners for kelp forest methods include National Marine Sanctuaries, California and Oregon Departments of Fish and Wildlife, and Oregon Coast Aquarium. Intertidal trainings occur as part of the Multi-agency Rocky Intertidal Network and university marine field courses. Protocols and training resources are available, and we urge you to contact us with questions.


PISCO Principal Investigators advise, mentor and train students of multiple levels.  Undergraduate students work in our laboratories, conduct independent research projects, and take courses.  PISCO graduate students within investigators' labs perform research reflecting the consortium’s goals and activities. Postdoctoral researchers and technicians receive mentoring and opportunities for further developing their careers. PISCO Investigators teach interdisciplinary courses, which may be beneficial to students. For more information, contact us.